Kimberly Bain MA CPF|M

  • Introduction: What is the Power of Facilitation, and Why is it Important?
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Kimberly Bain #FacPower
Kimberly Bain

Kimberly Bain is Senior Partner at Bain Group Consulting. Kimberly is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator|Master, is past-Chair of the International Association of Facilitators, was appointed Visiting Scholar at Queen’s University, Adjunct Professor at St. Lawrence College and has been inducted into the International Facilitators Hall of Fame. She is an Amazon best-selling author and has published close to a dozen peer review Journal articles on large-scale consensus building. Kimberly is a leading expert in developing global consensus and assisting in the development and implementation of international standards of practice.

Kimberly has an honours degree in organisational psychology and a master’s degree in public administration. In addition, Kimberly is a professional mediator and has successfully completed over 200 court mandated mediations and dozens of workplace interventions around the world.

As an expert facilitator, Kimberly works with groups numbering 5 to 1200, helping them reach consensus. Kimberly has been the recipient of four Facilitation Impact Awards. Kimberly is well known for her work in developing facilitation processes to bring large groups of multinational professionals to consensus. Her latest Platinum award winning project facilitated consensus among over 2000 nurses from 25 countries on medical practice guidelines that have improved the lives of over a million stoma care patients.

Kimberly works regularly in Asia and across Europe, as well as closer to home in North America. She has dedicated her life and career to the power of facilitation and is well known for her passion and dedication to the facilitation community, conducting workshops and seminars in over 20 countries to spread her vision and enthusiasm for the work that we do.


Malin Morén CPF|M

  • Facilitating Change and Transformation (2)
Malin Moren #FacPower
Malin Morén

In 1995, Malin decided to dedicate her career to facilitating real change in organisations, and founded Lorensbergs, a consultancy firm specialising in facilitation. Working together with her husband Trevor Durnford, she has stayed committed to her chosen path and over the past 25 years they have worked with more than 100 organisations across the globe.

Malin works as a facilitator in leadership teams and in large-scale interventions. She is a specialist in designing change processes with facilitation at the core, and has helped many organisations to train and develop internal facilitators. She has been described as ”a miracle to work with” by clients around the world.

Malin has a BSc in Behavioural Science from Gothenburg University, Sweden, and a degree in Pedagogy and Adult Learning. She is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator|Master, a IAF Hall of Fame member and an EMCC Certified Coach.

Trevor Durnford CPF|M

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Trevor Durnford #FacPower
Trevor Durnford

Trevor started his career as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer although soon after realised that his real passion was in the people domain. He became a consultant in the early 90’s, training facilitators and leaders in continuous improvement. With consultancy experience under his belt, Trevor went back into organisations, this time in HR. He spent 7 years as HR Director for two UK based multinational companies putting much of his experience in facilitation and change into practice.

Returning back to the field of consulting in 2005, Trevor helped establish Lorensbergs with his wife Malin Morén – building the company up to 25 consultants and working with clients globally in facilitation, leadership development and change.

Recently, Trevor has been Chair of the International Association of Facilitators and recipient of the Gold Award for Facilitation Impact. He is also an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator|Master and is on the board of the Solutions Focus in Organisations association. He now lives with Malin in Uruguay where he continues to work with clients face to face and virtually in between tending to the vineyard and farm animals.

Mark Bain MBA

  • The Power of Facilitation for Critical Thinking (3)
Mark Bain #FacPower
Mark Bain

Mark Bain MBA, is an Adjunct Professor at three institutions teaching undergraduate and graduate students in critical thinking, business analytics, data strategy and business ethics. Mark trains health professionals around the globe on the value of critical thinking skills – the skills needed to challenge “the way we think” and the tools to remap our problem-solving approaches. Mark utilizes his expertise in critical thinking, problem solving and data analytics to help health care professionals challenge the way patient care decisions are made and develop new and innovative models of care.

Mark started his career in corporate finance and then moved into government financial policy. After a succession of positions at the director level, Mark decided to leave government to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and started a number of successful business across North America. Mark’s long list of experiences include Global Business & New Venture advisor to the Queen’s University MBA program; Business advisor to the Turnaround Management Program – European Bank; In council appointment to the Tax Appeal Board and appointment to the Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant Review Board. Mark has received the Ontario Premier’s award for leadership and uses his vast experience and knowledge to help others innovate and expand through his consulting work at BainGroup. Mark has authored peer review research articles and continues to explore how organizations can make better use of critical thinking through collaboration to innovate and grow.

Hector Villarreal Lozoya MA

  • The Power of Facilitation for Team Development (5)
Hector Villarreal Lozoya #FacPower
Hector Villarreal Lozoya

Héctor Villarreal Lozoya works as a consultant, facilitator and trainer supporting teams and leaders to collaborate at a higher level. He believes that true collaboration is the result of a group establishing the right context to succeed. He is a founding partner of Proyectum and Kunlaboro Latinoamérica, a company whose mission is the development of collaboration skills and teamwork solutions applied to project management practices.

In 2014 he started his consulting work with engagements in more than a dozen countries throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators since 2005 and Board Member from 2014-2019. He has a master’s degree from Tecnológico de Monterrey and a post-graduate degree from the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a Licensed Trainer of the Effective Facilitator Method, a Certified Facilitator in the Lego Serious Play Method and Stormz Digital Collaboration Technologies. He has a particular interest in the use of new technologies to enrich the processes of team building and collaboration either remotely or in face to face interactions.

Michael Ambjorn CDir SCMP

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Michael Ambjorn

With 20+ years of leading people, Michael Ambjorn has run organisations, chaired boards and developed change makers. As a mentor he provides 1:1 advice to Chairs, Chief Execs and senior leaders – and the next generation of change-makers – on strategy, change and turnarounds.

Michael is particularly interested in how strategic alignment can focus people – and enable sustainable growth and renewal. And he is a committed espresso drinker.

Martin Gilbraith MA CPF|M

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Martin Gilbraith #FacPower
Martin Gilbraith

Martin Gilbraith works as a facilitator, trainer and consultant to help groups, teams and partnerships work more effectively together to bring about lasting change. What drives him is his passion and commitment to make a positive difference in the world, and to support and enable others to do so as well. He began his career in grass roots community development work in India, Africa and the Middle East, after awakening to his own passion and commitment as an international volunteer. He has been facilitating and training, specialising in ICA’s ToP facilitation methodology, since 1986. Since 1997 he has worked with a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas.

Martin is an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator|Master, past Chair of the IAF England & Wales chapter and former IAF Chair and IAF Europe Director. He is an ICA Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF) and a licensed provider and experienced lead trainer of ICA:UK Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation training courses. He is past President of the Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) and former Chief Executive of ICA:UK, the participation and development charity. He holds a BA in Business Studies from Portsmouth University and an MA in Development Administration and Management from Manchester University’s Global Development Institute (then IDPM). His MA research was in civil society, development and democratisation.

Barbara Mackay MSc CPF

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Barbara Mackay #FacPower
Barbara Mackay

Barbara is a full time facilitator, adult educator and mentor-coach to other facilitators since 1995 with her company North Star Facilitators. Prior to founding her current company, Barbara worked for ten years as a socioeconomic consultant and researcher incorporating facilitation skills into environmental and socioeconomic impact assessments of development projects affecting tribes and communities in Canada.

Her experience and knowledge cover 1000’s of facilitated and training events delivered to all sectors in the USA, Canada, Asia, Mexico, the Middle-East and Europe. Barbara has an energetic style and clear delivery. She is dedicated to her own and others’ continuous professional and personal growth. She currently mentors many colleagues nationally and internationally in facilitation design and competency building.

Barbara is an assessor for facilitation certification with the International Association of Facilitators since 2002 and was inducted into the IAF Hall of Fame in late 2018. Clients have included all levels of government, corporate, non-profit, health, IT, financial and education sectors, tribal groups, large and small business, unions and associations.

She is an avid blogger and is now taking up podcasting to help facilitators and facilitative leaders develop their skills to change the world to be a safer, more just and equitable place. She loves the possibilities of virtual online facilitation and is constantly practising and exploring different platforms to do that. In her spare time, she walks, bikes, camps, cooks, hangs out with her family and friends, and creates mosaics.

Kavi Arasu

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Kavi Arasu #FacPower
Kavi Arasu

Kavi Arasu is passionate about working with people and helping them help themselves. People development and engineering systemic changes give him joy. His multi-disciplinary background that stretches from sales and advertising to talent management and other domains of HR have helped him experience (and apply) the benefits of applied inter-disciplinary thinking first hand.

Kavi has close to two decades of corporate experience, in multicultural environments both in multi-national corporations and Indian organisations. In his last corporate role at Asian Paints ( a $ 2+ billion coatings multi-national based out of India ), Kavi was the group head for Talent Management, Learning, Leadership & Organisational Development, Diversity & Inclusion and Social Collaboration.

Conversations are at the centre of his work, learning and growth and, naturally, facilitation is a very important part of his work.

He tweets (@_kavi) regularly and has been featuring on the ‘top 20 HR influencers in India’ list announced by SHRM in India since 2012. He has been blogging since 2005 and his website is Kavi was the chair of IAF India for 2016.

Stephen Berkeley

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Stephen Berkeley #FacPower
Stephen Berkeley

Stephen is a change and culture facilitator and has focused a good part of his three decade career on helping individuals, teams, organisations and communities in Australia, UK and India to unlock and fulfil their full potential. Stephen has extensive experience working with boards and senior leaders in the areas of strategy development, governance, and business improvement. His speciality is helping people see the bigger picture, connect the dots and develop strategies that bring about sustainable changes.

He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) since 2013 and is active in promoting the power of facilitation worldwide. He is been a board member of the IAF India Chapter and is currently a board member of the IAF Australia Chapter.

When he is not helping people have tough conversations, he loves cruising in nature, be it the oceans, rivers, mountains or plains, or experimenting with plant based cooking. Oh, and he loves to start and finish his day with meditation.

Kavi and Stephen have extensive experience in working together across cultures. They are apart in their philosophical moorings, facilitative style, but are united in their values and keenness to serve.

Visual Practitioners

Kailin Huang

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  • The Power of Facilitation for Self-Reflection, Change and Personal Growth (7)
Kailin Huang #FacPower
Kailin Huang

Kailin is founder of the visual facilitation practice, Picture People Plan. Interestingly, Kailin possesses no special art training apart from the usual mandatory subject during primary and lower secondary school years. Her brilliant discovery of visual facilitation took place in her former career in organisational development and process facilitation. It was in 2012 that she saw a lady (Wendy Wong of Welenia Studios) draw out beautiful visual notes “live” on flip charts. The words “graphic recording” rang a bell to her but she did not understand it fully until this moment: its potential to bring life to a meeting, and help everyone get a shared picture of what they have contributed during this dialogue.

Kailin adopts a more spontaneous style of visual presentation, ebbing and flowing according to the dynamics of each conversation and meeting. She believes that her utmost strength as a visual practitioner is being able to honour each conversation in its unique way as opposed to imposing her favourite style on them. In 2018, Kailin wrote and published Asia’s first visual strategy playbook, “Let’s Draw, Draw Out, and Draw Together!”

Rosanna von Sacken MSc CPF

  • Facilitating Change and Transformation (2)
  • The Power of Facilitation in Resolving Conflicts (4)
Rosanna von Sacken #FacPower
Rosanna von Sacken

Rosanna is the founder, principal consultant and facilitator of Advanced Consulting and Facilitation Ltd., based in metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, since 2001. Her primary work involves designing and facilitating workshops, meetings and training programs, helping organizations, groups and executives in team and leadership development, strategic planning, multi-stakeholder and community engagement, and courageous conversations. She coaches individuals and small leadership teams to help see and connect to possibilities, learn and grow at the edges.

As a visual facilitator, coach and communicator, she uses her creativity, lettering and dra ing skills to complement her passion in all things visual. She was a contributing co-author in the book The World of Visual Facilitation (2019), and she is the illustrator for Rebecca Suthern’s book titled Sightline – Strategic Plans that gather Momentum, not Dust (published in 2020). Rosanna also creates explainer videos, provides graphic recording in studio and in real time, and training facilitators in using drawings and visual tools. Although no longer her primary work, with her applied geology degree and roots, Rosanna has been providing and continues to provide emergency management consulting in her business.

Debbie Roberts

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  • The Power of Facilitation for Team Development (5)
Debbie Roberts #FacPower
Debbie Roberts

Debbie is a graphic facilitator, recorder, and trainer, based in the UK, who works with organisations large and small. Her early career was in mental health and wellbeing and focused on empowerment, community action and leadership. During this time she became skilled at leading projects, hosting and facilitating conversations. She learned about graphic facilitation and meaningful doodling and over time threaded it into her facilitation through the mapping of conversations and processes with groups.

Working as a dedicated graphic facilitator, a visual practitioner, in 2009 she founded Engage Visually. Clients include, Kings College London, Cambridge University, Cambridge Neuroscience, IIEP UNESCO, NHS England and many NHS Trusts and Universities. Debbie’s work is driven by a belief for social and environmental justice and wellbeing and empowerment for all individuals and communities.

Chitra Chandrashekhar

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  • Living a Facilitative Life (8)
Chitra Chandrashekhar #FacPower
Chitra Chandrashekhar

Chitra Chandrashekhar, is the founder-proprietor of Mographies (since 2011), a creative visual story design studio cum story consulting micro-practice. Through Mographies, she facilitates authentic conversation loops, conscious co-learning sessions, and co-creative community connections, with diverse graphical/visual story solutions, that have served fortune 500 MNC’s, consultancies, private firms, non-profits, government institutions to micro businesses. 

Chitra has been a visiting faculty member with private and government, design, architecture and management schools/ universities in National Capital Region, India. She has presented academic writings in international arts, education and design conferences, performed stories and facilitated creative workshops in storytelling festivals and mini-maker faires, in India. She has also routinely contributed skills, knowledge and information in various online and offline communities of practice for design education, storytelling and graphic facilitation.

Chitra is an architect and visual communication designer by qualification, and an alumna of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. Her interest is in cross/inter/trans-disciplinary projects that enrich the human experience. Through her practice, she endeavours to see the world as interwoven micro stories and macro myths, bridging information gaps between theory and practice of sustainable design, in multiple facets of life.