“Collaboration, innovation and agility are core, and facilitation is key. Facilitation has the power to ensure all voices are heard, all possibilities are explored, and no opportunity is wasted. This book is an eye-opener for how the power of facilitation can help us work together more effectively to achieve even better results.”

Katarina Berg, Spotify, Chief Human Resources Officer & Global head of Strategy Operations

“As a sponsor and facilitator for Imagine Taiwan, I have experienced how the power of facilitation and dialogue provides space and opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to re-frame the national spirit into a positive, creative, and motivating force of hope. This book is a must read for anyone hoping to bring about sustainable, lasting and positive change around the world.”

Jorie Wu, IAF CPFIM, Director, CP Yen Foundation, Taipei Taiwan

“In a time of global transformation, success will depend on coming together to innovate and problem-solve. This book will help you bring the best of both worlds to the table.”

Bonnie Caver, Chair, International Association of Business Communicators

“It is exciting to see the many talented facilitators that come together and share their wisdom and practical solutions in enabling groups to think and work effectively and enable powerful change. The Power of Facilitation truly leverages the experience of the authors and is a must read for anyone in or interested in exploring the power of facilitation.”

Vinay Kumar, CPF, Chair IAF and Director C2C Organizational Development, Bangalore, India

“The modern world has a wide variety of significant challenges which can only be tackled if we collaborate, either within organisations or across organisational boundaries. Collaboration does not just happen by itself, there needs to be some stimulus. Facilitation in its various forms can bring diverse people or organisations together to achieve a common purpose. This book provides thoughtful and well-structured insight into the power of facilitation. I would encourage anybody facing big challenges to read it.”

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair, Action Sustainability, London, UK

“Titansoft was first introduced to facilitation when we embarked on our journey of Agile adoption back in 2014. To create an open and empowering work environment, it is important for us to be able to hear everyone’s voice, and facilitation was one of the tools we used to achieve that. We have used it at a team and organisational level; such as during teams’ regular sprint retrospectives for continuous improvement, restructuring of development teams, a series of culture workshops to create alignment and shared understanding of company values facilitated by an internal facilitator team, and for company-wide events such as revamping of Titansoft’s Vision, Mission and Values during a two-day facilitated workshop involving a group of leaders and representatives from each department.”

“Over the years, we have come to appreciate the benefits of having leaders equipped with facilitation skills – it not only improves the quality of communication with individual employees, but also helps to increase the overall effectiveness of our meetings. Facilitation has come to be not just a by-product of our Agile adoption, but fully integrated into our working approach to build a conducive and safe working environment for our Titaners. This book summarizes in a very good way how we use facilitation as well as giving new inspiration to further organisational development work.”

Jasmine Huang, People & Operations Manager, Titansoft Ltd

“The right book at the right moment! In our time of multiple crises, The Power of Facilitation provides insight into what we desperately need: dialogue, listening, consensus, decision-making, and collaboration. Asking the right questions can help any group, no matter how polarized, move toward a shared vision. I have witnessed the power of facilitation as I have used these methods for decades of UN policy formulation, and in community development, and taught them to grad students at New York University Wagner. Facilitation simply works. It is a critical skill needed in government, civil society, and business, if humanity is to deal with climate chaos, ecocide, racism, fascism, and other challenges. Thank you for this powerful book.”

Robertson Work, author of A Compassionate Civilization, former UNDP policy adviser, New York Professor, New York