Are you interested to help to translate The Power of Facilitation into your own language?

We are keen to support small teams around the world to produce high quality translations of the book in different languages, and to support them to support each other – in order that we all are better able to use the book to help to promote the power of facilitation worldwide.

We are grateful to those who have expressed an interest already, already over 80 colleagues keen to help to translate the book into languages including Chinese, Dutch, Filipino (Tagalog), German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish.

Here’s what support we are ready to offer:

  • access to our original files for you to work from, including original English language text, fonts and graphics – in Adobe InDesign and/or exported into Word or GoogleDocs
  • an online workspace in Basecamp to enable you to connect and collaborate with our contributors and with other translation teams -for mutual support and exchange and to minimize duplication of effort
  • support to identify one or more independent and experienced, native-speaking facilitators to proof-read your translation
  • promotion and distribution of your translated edition via the FacPower website and social channels, with all those involved in translations credited for their roles

Here’s what we will expect from you:

  • adherence to the terms of our Creative Commons license (Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-alike and No additional restrictions) and alignment with the FacPower style guidelines
  • that your team involves at least one member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and ideally an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and/or a local IAF chapter
  • opportunity for one or more independent and experienced, native-speaking facilitators to proof-read your translation
  • opportunity for our contributors to approve translated versions of their visual summaries
  • your translated edition made available for free via the FacPower website with donations invited to IAF
  • access to your files, including translated language text, fonts and graphics, to make available to others to adapt for their own translations and/or complete yours in the event that you are unable to do so

If you are interested

Please complete this short form to let us know more about you and your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too late to get involved?

The first cohort of translation teams will be starting to collaborate together from November 2021. If you have not completed the form by then, please do respond anyway – you will be welcome to join and catch up later, the sooner the better.

What will be the next step after I complete the form?

You will be invited to join other translation teams and FacPower contributors to connect and start to collaborate together in Basecamp in the week starting November 22, and by one or two of launch meetings in Zoom in the week of November 29. We will work out together how we will work together.

When should the translations be completed?

We have no particular expectations on when translations should be completed. We are keen to support teams to work together at once in order that they can support each other and sustain momentum together – to help to ensure that the translations do get completed, sooner rather than later.

Will it be possible to connect with the Authors in case I have any questions of clarity?

Yes absolutely, and with the Visual Practitioners in case you need any support with translation of text in the visuals.

Will the contributions of translators be recognized?

Yes, we will be glad to feature the translators here on this website, with their permission, and we encourage translation teams to give due credit to the translators in their translated editions of the book.