International Association of Facilitators (IAF)

Thank you to all those who have donated generously to the International Association of Facilitators, to join us in supporting IAF to promote the power of facilitation worldwide:

  • Brigid Riley
  • Sam Imperati, Executive Director, ICMresolutions
  • Avani Bhatnagar, India
  • Robin Parsons
  • Cynthia Kurtz
  • Ginger Adams, CPF
  • Amy SJ Chen
  • Lo Hsiao Chin (Taiwan)
  • Michelle (Golden) River, CPF
  • Rose Mercier, Senior Consultant ,The Governance Coach
  • Mozah Shehab Alotaibi
  • Cristina Larcher (Italy)
  • Sharon Hunter, SCMP
  • in the name of the late Wayne Nelson
  • and others who have chosen to remain anonymous.

To make a donation yourself, please click here. Where asked to describe the reason for your donation, please enter #FacPower and how you would like your name to appear on this page (or if anonymous).