Additional Resources and Recommended Reading

Facilitation books we like

…that are not already covered in Process Descriptions, Terms and Definitions:

  • Wayne, & Nelson, J. (2017). Getting to the Bottom of ToP: Foundations of the Methodologies of the Technology of Participation. iUniverse.
  • Bain, K. (2014). Becoming a Reflective Practitioner: The Reflective Ethical Facilitator’s Guide (1st ed.). BookBaby.
  • Dressler, L. (2006). Consensus Through Conversations: How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
  • Stanfield, B. R., (2002). The Workshop Book: From Individual Creativity to Group Action (ICA series) (Illustrated ed.). New Society Publishers.
  • Dressler, L. (2010). Standing in the Fire: Leading High-Heat Meetings with Clarity, Calm, and Courage (1st ed.). Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
  • Schwarz, R. M. (2016). The Skilled Facilitator: A Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Coaches, and Trainers (3rd ed.). Jossey-Bass.
  • Strachan, D. (2006). Making Questions Work: A Guide to What and How to Ask for Facilitators, Consultants, Managers, Coaches, and Educators (1st ed.). Jossey-Bass.
  • Staples, B. (2013b). Transformational Strategy: Facilitation of ToP Participatory Planning. iUniverse.
  • Barrett, F. J., & Fry, R. E. (2021). Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Building Cooperative Capacity (Focus Book Series) (Focus Book a Taos Institute Publication) (1st ed.). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
  • Schuman, S. (2005). The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation: Best Practices from the Leading Organization in Facilitation (1st ed.). Jossey-Bass.
  • Schuman, S. (2010). The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups: How They Are Difficult, Why They Are Difficult and What You Can Do About It (1st ed.). Jossey-Bass.
  • Schuman, S. (2006). Creating a Culture of Collaboration: The International Association of Facilitators Handbook (1st ed.). Jossey-Bass.

Business books we like:

  • Covey, S. (1990). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Paperback – September 15, 1990. Fireside Book-Simon and Schuster.
  • D Stone, B Patton, S Heen(2000). Difficult Conversations: how to discuss what matters most. Penguin Books.
  • Zubizarreta, R. (2014). From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A User’s Guide to Dynamic Facili- tation (1st ed.). Two Harbors Press.
  • Stanfield, B. R. (2012). The Courage to Lead, Second Edition: Transform Self, Transform Society. iUniverse.
  • Staples, B. (2013). Transformational Strategy: Facilitation of ToP Participatory Planning. iUniverse.
  • Mathews, D. (2014). The Ecology of Democracy (First ed.). Kettering Foundation Press.
  • K Macaulay, E Hindes, B Hall (2014), From Cascade to Conversations.
  • Archer, D., & Cameron, A. (2013). Collaborative Leadership: Building Relationships, Handling Conflict and Sharing Control (2nd ed.). Routledge.
  • Patterson, K., Grenny, J., McMillan, R., Switzler, A., & Gregory, E. (2021). Crucial Conversations, Third Edition (3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Jackson, P. Z., & McKergow, M. (2006b). The Solutions Focus: Making Coaching and Change SIMPLE(2nd ed.). Nicholas Brealey Publishing.
  • Mark McKergow, Jenny Clarke (2007). Solutions Focus Working: 80 Real-life Lessons for Successful Organisational Change. Solutions Focus at Work.
  • Hällstén, F.; Tengblad, S. (red.) (2006) Medarbetarskap i praktiken. . Lund: Studentlitteratur (in Swedish).
  • Olson, E. E., & Eoyang, G. H. (2001). Facilitating Organization Change: Lessons from Complexity Science (1st ed.). Pfeiffer.
  • Heath, C., & Heath, D. (2010). Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard (1st ed.). Crown Business.
  • Mann, D. (2014). Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, Third Edition (3rd ed.). Productivity Press.
  • Hodges, C., & Steinholtz, R. (2017). Ethical Business Practice and Regulation: A Behavioural and Values-Based Approach to Compliance and Enforcement (Civil Justice Systems). Hart/Beck.
  • The works of Kotter, Drucker, Susashi, Tzu, Von Clausewitzch, Christensen, Collins, Kagermann, Kaplan, Norton, Porter, Porras and Powers

Additional Resources and Recommended Reading

Interesting research articles:

  • Tappin, B. M., & McKay, R. T. (2016). The Illusion of Moral Superiority. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 8(6), 623–631.
  • Warring Egos, Toxic Individuals, Feeble Leadership: A study of conflict in the Canadian workplace. Psychometrics Canada Ltd., 2015.
  • Bain, K., & Hansen, A. S. (2020). Strengthening implementation success using large-scale consensus decision-making – A new approach to creating medical practice guidelines. Evaluation and Program Planning, 79, 101730.

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