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Meet the authors at the IAF Facilitation Summit

Register now to join a number of our contributors in sessions they are leading at next month’s IAF global Facilitation Summit .

The Facilitation Summit 2021 is your one-stop global forum to share, discuss and shape your practice. Over the course of 24 hours, our journey will take us around the world, from Europe & Africa, to the Americas, Oceania and finally Asia for a curated series of high-level workshops and keynote addresses.

Michael Ambjorn & Martin Gilbraith will be sharing something of their research for chapter 6 The Power of Partnership between Facilitation and Communication in their session Scaling Up Engagement & Dialogue, details below.

Additional sessions led by FacPower authors are:

Scaling Up Engagement & Dialogue

Scaling Up Engagement & Dialogue

Exploring the ladder of engagement, and how we can climb it with those that we work with, 11-12.30pm UK time

Join us in exploring the ladder of engagement, and how we can climb it with those that we work with. Share your experience in changing the conversation, at scale, so we can all become better at it.

In this 90-minute workshop we’ll explore together how the roles, skills and tools of the facilitation and communications professions can complement each other, and help us to scale up engagement and dialogue for positive social change. We’ll draw on some insights of previous work on the power of partnership between facilitation and communication, and we’ll apply some of the tools of the two professions to generate new insights together.

Read our chapter The Power of Partnership Between Facilitation and Communication and download your free copy now. #FacPower

By Martin Gilbraith

Certified Professional Facilitator | Master, ICA:UK Associate, #FacPower author, FRSA.