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Facilitation ­– a profession much needed in today’s increasingly global yet divided world 

We are grateful to John Burbidge of Wordswallah Publishing for this short review of The Power of Facilitation published on LinkedIn.

John is a writing and editing professional based in Anacortes, Washington State, USA. He latest book is More Than Halfway To Somewhere: Collected Gems of a World Traveler.

If ever there was any doubt about the bona fides of facilitation as a profession ­– and a much needed one in today’s increasingly global yet divided world – this book puts that to rest.

Written by facilitators from around the world, it reveals the many faces of facilitation and its range of applications, from strategic planning and team development to conflict resolution and forging a national consensus. In the process, it showcases a wealth of tools and techniques used by facilitators to promote dialogue, collaboration and participation at all levels in organizations, communities and entire societies.

But it goes deeper. As editor Kimberly Bain points out, to harness the power of facilitation we need to embody its underlying principles and ethos in our own lives. She invites and challenges us to live a facilitative life in our thinking, actions and very being. Bain also notes that facilitation isn’t a contemporary phenomenon that suddenly has come of age but something that has been evolving since the inception of human society. 

While THE POWER OF FACILITATION preaches to the converted and non-believer alike, some of its specialist jargon may be a barrier to a newcomer. But this is somewhat offset by the artistic renditions that summarize each chapter and the inclusion of an appendix of process descriptions, terms and definitions.

One thing that stands out with this book is that its contributors are offering it free to share their knowledge, experience and passion about facilitation, and to spread the word about the crucial role it can play in our lives. Moreover, in the inclusive spirit of facilitation, they invite readers to add their experiences and insights, as this critical profession continues to advance.

Download your free copy of The Power of Facilitation in PDF, or follow the links on our Contents page to read online.

By Martin Gilbraith

Certified Professional Facilitator | Master, ICA:UK Associate, #FacPower author, FRSA.