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Creating profound change: an interview with Malin Morén and Trevor Durnford


By James Smart on  

Republished with thanks from SessionLab

No team wants to create unprofound or meaningless change. We want the changes we make to our teams and organizations to be radical and impactful. What’s more, we want to collaborate effectively and ensure everyone in the group can contribute to making changes they believe in.

But how can we best motivate teams who might be resistant to change? How can we help leaders and their teams come together to self organize change and how might co-facilitation bring something special to the table?

To celebrate the launch of The Power of Facilitation – a new book about how groups can use facilitation to create great results – we’re speaking to the contributors to the book about their approaches and ideas.

In this interview, we spoke to Malin Morén and Trevor Durnford – a married couple who co-facilitate and work on creating radical collaboration with their organisation Facil Profundo. We talk about creating meaningful change, the benefits of co-facilitation and how to pick potential internal facilitators out of the crowd!

Let’s have a look!

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By Martin Gilbraith

Certified Professional Facilitator | Master, ICA:UK Associate, #FacPower author, FRSA.