Doubling the Impact of Facilitation with Malin Morén and Trevor Durnford

We are grateful to former IAF Chair Vinay Kumar of C2C-OD for this episode of the Shiny Happy People podcast featuring FacPower contributors Malin Morén and Trevor Durnford.

In this episode, Vinay talks to the powerhouse facilitator duo, Malin Morén and Trevor Durnford, Co-Founders of Facil Profundo, who have helped facilitate real change and impact for over 100 organizations over the last three decades.

With a BSc in Behavioural Science from Gothenburg University, Sweden, and a degree in Pedagogy and Adult Learning, Malin is a Certified Professional Facilitator Master (CPF M) accredited by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and a Certified Coach by EMCC. In 2015, she was elected in to the IAF Hall of Fame.

Trevor started his career as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and is also a CPF M. He has been Chair of the IAF and is recipient of the Gold Award for Facilitation Impact.

Trevor and Malin have co-authored the book ‘The Power of Facilitation’.

By Martin Gilbraith

Certified Professional Facilitator | Master, ICA:UK Associate, #FacPower author, FRSA.