Three tools for self-reflection, change and personal growth

Thank you to #FacPower contributor Barbara MacKay of Northstar Facilitators and to Lidia Rusvita of IAF Indonesia for this January 26 session, and for sharing this recording of it and the slides below.

Barbara wrote on her own blog post:

I had the honour of presenting to IAF Indonesia Chapter. Lidia Rusvita, (she just completed her Endorsed Facilitator IAF designation – congratulations Lidia!) took the lead on this and is a member of our Gold Academy cohort as well.

Our gifts are two fold:

  • the Zoom recording of the main session
  • the PPT slide deck we used including participant feedback

This is what Lydia about the session after we finished:

It was a very insightful session and rewarding process together we:

  • did a guided visualization exercise to imagine a different and better future for ourselves and our community and the world.
  • experienced a creative, intuitive thinking and use of imagery (parts of the PATH process) that increases the power of self-facilitation.
  • spent a little time on a Grove Compass workbook that helps you assess how you spend your time and rethink how you might wish to spend your time
  • started the thinking process in the 2 hour-session; we were encouraged to further this self-reflection work after the session to continue the process.

There were 10 co-facilitators from Indonesia and about a dozen participants from India and Indonesia. A lot more had signed up but it was early in the morning so many did not attend – we missed you!

By Martin Gilbraith

Certified Professional Facilitator | Master, ICA:UK Associate, #FacPower author, FRSA.